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Mission 40 Cloaked in Silence (Extreme) - Metal Gear Solid View all Prologue: Awakening Mission 01 Phantom Limbs Mission 02 Diamond Dogs Mission 03 A Hero's Way Mission 04 C2W Mission 05 Over the Fence Mission 06 Where do the Bees Sleep? Mission 07 Red Brass Mission 08 Occupation Forces Mission 09 Backup, Back Down Mission 10 Angel with Broken Wings Mission 11 Cloaked in Silence Mission 12 Hellbound Mission 13 Pitch Dark Mission 14 Lingua Franca Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Full Mission Tasks Oct 07, 2015 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - S-Rank Walkthrough Sep 01, 2015

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- This is a replay of Mission 11, bu[Subsistence] a much harder version of it. Quiet is faster and more powerful. The supply drop trick won't work this time either. - The first thing you should do is mark Quiet by pulling out your Int-Scope and locate her (look from where the gunfire is coming from). Quiet stamina Kill Episode 40 {Extreme} Rank S - Metal

A way to beat EXTREME Cloaked in Silence. Close. 9. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. A way to beat EXTREME Cloaked in Silence. Two good ways of doing this. If you're doing this with the lethal treatment then drop a tank. The Mercenary tank says it has the best defensive capabilities and fires the same type of round as the Russian tank so i'd go

Mission 40: [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence Mission 41: Proxy War Without End Mission 42: [Extreme] Metallic Archaea Mission 43: Shining Lights Even in Death Mission 44: [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark