Jul 10, 2015 · In a statement to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Kid Rock relayed his message to those upset in his native Detroit: “Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass/Ask me some questions.”

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Rat's ass definition is - a minimum amount or degree of care or interest : hoot, damn—usually used in the phrase don't give a rat's ass.

Aug 14, 2019 · “Let’s be honest, we know who would win that fight,” DeChambeau interjected. “And it’s not me. Let me tell you right now, he’d kick my ass.” Without hesitation, Koepka responded: “I do know that. You got that right.” referencing Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved, LP, Comp, Ltd, Red, 314 522 123-1. I have a German red vinyl pressing in my hands right now. Does anyone else have this?

In 2007, Tyra Banks famously told her haters to “kiss my fat ass!” while wearing a one-piece swimsuit on live TV after she was criticized for a series of beachside paparazzi pics. Now 12 years

Apr 08, 2020 · Getting My Ass Kicked in Jiu-Jitsu Helped My Mental Health "The spiral has kept me sane and it isn't the first time it has saved my life." By Joshua David Stein. Apr 8, 2020